The Clash

The Clash "Hits Back" Album Cover
I Fought the Law

Official Music Video歌詞Title: I Fought the LawArtist: The ClashBreakin' rocks in the

The Beatles

The Beatles "Past Masters" Album Cover
She’s a Woman

Official Music Video歌詞Title: She's a WomanArtist: The BeatlesMy love don't g

Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks" Album Cover

Official Music Video歌詞Title: SeventeenArtist: Sex pistolsYou're only twenty nineGotta lot

The Beatles

The Beatles "Abbey Road" Album Cover
Polythene Pam

Official Music Video歌詞Title: Polythene PamArtist: The BeatlesWell, you should see Polythen

The Yardbirds

The Yardbirds Album Cover
For Your Love

歌詞Title: For Your LoveArtist: The YardbirdsFor your loveFor your loveFor your loveI'd

The Yardbirds

The Yardbirds Album Cover
Heart Full of Soul

歌詞Title: Heart Full of SoulArtist: The YardbirdsSick at heart and lonelyDeep in dark

The Beatles

The Beatles "Abbey Road" Album Cover
Come Together

Official Music Video歌詞Title: Come TogetherArtist: The BeatlesHere come old flat topHe come

The Beatles

The Beatles "Revolver" Album Cover
She Said She Said

Official Music Video歌詞Title: She Said She SaidArtist: The BeatlesShe said, "I kno

The Beatles

The Beatles "With The Beatles" Album Cover
Devil In Her Heart

Official Music Video

Devil In Her Heart 歌詞

Title: Devil In Her HeartArtist: The


Jet "Shine On" Album Cover
L’esprit D’escalier

L’esprit D’escalier 歌詞

Title: L'esprit D'esca