My Thoughts on Joining Fender Play, an Online Guitar Lesson Service

Fender Official Online Lessons

Today I want to introduce Fender Play, an online lesson service provided by the Fender company.

Fender Play is a subscription service that teaches guitar playing through online videos. Courses are available for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele, with content for various levels of skill from beginner to intermediate. The service offers a wide range of knowledge, including chords, riffs, solo techniques, and other skills needed to play songs.

Now, let’s move on to my actual experience of signing up for Fender Play.

Signing Up for the 2-Week Free Trial of Fender Play

Fender Play can be accessed from any device connected to the internet, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Fender Play offers two pricing options: a monthly plan and an annual plan. The pricing is as follows:

Fender Play offers a 14-day free trial period. During this period, you can create an account and try out the Fender Play service. If you decide to cancel, you must do so before the end of the free trial period, as the contract will start after the trial period ends.

Fender Play regularly offers discount coupons, and if you sign up using the link below, you can get a 50% discount on the annual plan. Please note that if the link is not displayed, the coupon may be expired.

Taking Online Lessons

After completing the registration for the 14-day free trial period using your Google account, you can now select the instrument you want to learn. Fender Play offers courses for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele, so you can choose the course that interests you the most.

The image below shows the Level 1 path for the electric guitar rock course. A path is a learning course in online lessons. It consists of guided curriculums with multiple levels, which allows you to progress steadily as you work through them in order.

I’ll take a peek at the lesson video for the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction." It seems that this lesson teaches how to play the riff.

That’s great! In the lesson video, the guitar instructor plays the guitar while teaching finger movements at the top of the screen. The tablature used in the performance is displayed below the video, so you can practice while looking at the tablature.

The “Practice Mode" you mentioned allows you to practice playing along with the song. It also has three different BPM (tempo) settings, so you can adjust the speed to match your skill level.

My Impression After Using Fender Play

The lesson videos are short, around 3 to 5 minutes each, so it’s great for practicing guitar during a quick break. Also, you can check your learning progress, which makes it easy to see your skill improvement. Overall, it’s a great feature!

Additionally, there are many other contents on Fender Play that are quite substantial and diverse besides the lesson videos. (There are too many to introduce them all, so I recommend checking them out for yourself.)

Fender Play seems to be a highly recommended service for those who have just started playing the guitar or want to re-learn the basics. The lesson videos are short, which makes it easy to practice in small time frames. You can also track your progress, which is a great way to see your skills improve over time. In addition, Fender Play offers a variety of other content, making it a well-rounded service. I highly recommend trying the free trial to see for yourself!