Please Please Me

Please Please Me Track List

Album: “Please Please Me"(1963)

1. I saw her standing there

2. Misery

3. Anna (Go To Him)

4. Chains

5. Boys

6. Ask Me Why

7. Please Please Me

8. Love Me Do

9. P.S. I Love You

10. Baby It’s You

11. Do You Want To Know A Secret

12. A Taste Of Honey

13. There’s A Place

14. Twist And Shout

How The Album “Please Please Me" Was Made

After the success of “Please Please Me," George Martin was instructed by EMI to release the album as soon as possible, and he came up with the concept of filling the album with the atmosphere of a live performance.

In the session held on February 11, 1963, overdubs such as hand claps and harmonica were kept to a minimum, and the album was packed with a fast-paced live sound despite the simple band composition.

The 10-hour session consisted of 11 songs; the four continued recording without lunch, but John, who had been sick for several days, was not feeling well and licked his throat lozenges to get through the session.

Therefore, his voice lasted only one take on the final song “Twist And Shout," but it turned out to be a tremendous shout.