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The Beatles

Album: “Let It Be"(1970)

Let It Be

1. Two Of Us

2. Dig A Pony

3. Across The Universe

4. I Me Mine

5. Dig It

6. Let It Be

7. Maggie Mae

8. I’ve Got A Feeling

9. One After 909

10. The Long And Winding Road

11. For You Blue

12. Get Back

Maggie Mae

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John’s Favorite Number

This is John’s favorite number that he has sung since the days of “The Quarrymen", the predecessors of the Beatles. It was originally a folk song from Liverpool about a prostitute named Maggie May.

Maggie Mae Guitar Chords & Tabs


Lyrics & Chord Progressions

Title: Maggie Mae
Artist: The Beatles

Oh, dirty Maggie Mae 
they have taken her away
and she never walk down Lime Street anymore.
Oh, the judge he guilty found her
for robbing a home-ward bounder
     D                             G
that dirty, no good robbin' Maggie Mae.
'Tis the port of Liverpool
they returned me to
                  C          G      D
Two pounds, ten a week, that was my pay.


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