The Beatles “Mean Mr. Mustard” How To Play On Guitar

The Beatles

Album: “Abbey Road"(1969)

1. Come Together

2. Something

3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

4. Oh! Darling

5. Octopus’s Garden

6. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

7. Here Comes The Sun

8. Because

9. You Never Give Me Your Money

10. Sun King

11. Mean Mr. Mustard

12. Polythene Pam

13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

14. Golden Slumbers

15. Carry That Weight

16. The End

17. Her Majesty

Mean Mr. Mustard

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The film depicts the daily life of an elderly man named Mr. Mustard.

The sister’s name in this song was originally “Shirley", but due to the medley (“Her Majesty" was removed from the medley), the sister’s name was changed to “Pam".

Song Description


Mean Mr. Mustard is written in the key of E Major


100 BPM

Lyrics And Chord Progressions

Title: Mean Mr. Mustard
Artist: The Beatles
Words & Music By: Lennon/ McCartney

[Verse 1]
Mean Mister Mustard sleeps in the park
Shaves in the dark trying to save paper
Sleeps in a hole in the road
Saving up to buy some clothes
Keeps a ten-bob note up his nose

            E7       C7  B7
He's such a mean old man
       E7       C7  B7
Such a mean old man

[Verse 2]
His sister Shirley works in a shop
She never stops, she's a go-getter
Takes him out to look at the Queen
It's the only place that he's ever been
Always shouts out something obscene

            E7        C7  B7
He's such a dirty old man
            E7        C7  B7
He's such a dirty old man

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